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We continually monitor legislative activities at the local, state and national levels in order to provide our investors with timely information on legislative issues affecting the business community.  We do this by participating in LEADER (legislative education for the Dayton region) meetings on a quarterly basis with over twenty other local Chambers of Commerce.

We monitor state and national legislative activity and, where appropriate, endorse or oppose proposed legislation and call the attention of our members to those legislative activities that effect business generally or industries specifically.

We also stay in touch with our elected officials to make our views known to them and invite participation in a wide range of programs and events throughout the year.

To monitor much of the legislative activity affecting the business community, we invite you to visit the web sites below and attend many of our programs and workshops throughout the year.

Ohio Business Votes

Small Business Administration

Internal Revenue Service - Business

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Northmont Area
PO Box 62
Chamber of Commerce
4001 Old Salem Road
Englewood, Ohio 45322
Phone: 937.836.2550
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The Northmont Area Chamber of Commerce serves approximately 300 members (our investors) doing business in the Cities of Clayton, Englewood and Union , Ohio.